• Implementation and planning
• Machine transport
• Dismantling and preparation for transport
• Reassembly
• Commissioning
• Maintenance before the new start-up
• Condition analysis and wear measurement of housings
• Direct replacement of worn cylinder liners
• Cleaning of the cooling channels
• Free drilling of the cooling channels

• Worldwide spare parts service
• Fast supply of spare parts through in-house production with a high degree of vertical integration
• Constant further development of spare parts
• On-site repairs, upgrades and overhauls
• Project planning of complex extrusion systems from a single source
• Installation and running-in of the process on site
• Plant concept and component analysis
• Maintenance and remote diagnosis by our certified service technicians
• Training of your employees

In 2005 we founded the company Helva-Maschinen-Montage GmbH & Co. KG so that we can pass on our knowledge and skills to all our customers in the best possible way.

We deal with services and the construction of machines in the industrial sector. These are primarily systems that serve the plastics industry. Furthermore, we are in possession of a self-designed and manufactured screw puller device – the HMM-SAV-X-101.

If your machine or system has a specific defect, you can contact us for repairs. Long downtimes cost money unnecessarily – our service team is also available for short-term repairs and overhauls of your systems worldwide. In addition, we have a fast supply of spare parts through our own production with a high degree of vertical integration and you can expect a 24-hour worldwide spare parts service from us.

Our experts examine dismantled screws and remove worn or damaged segments and also carry out thermal cleaning. Optionally, we prepare a detailed status report. Our service also includes refitting the machine with overhauled or renewed segments.


Our SERVICE begins where many already say „NO“, because everything is possible with us.

One of our core competencies is the integration of new machines into your machinery. We assemble your new machines professionally, competently and professionally. For this area we offer you our full service, which fills the area from assembly to commissioning support. You receive all the work required for the assembly of your machine, assembly group or machine park from a single source.

Of course, we also offer the assembly of machines, assemblies and complete machine parks without transport services. If you want to supplement or enlarge your production facilities, we also make our specialists available to you for the integration of the new machines or assemblies.

Our highly qualified specialist staff meets your challenges not only within Germany, but worldwide. No matter where your new production facility is located, our team will be at your site and ready to assemble the new machines and, if required, also support the commissioning.

Of course, our team is also at your disposal if we carry out the transport of the machines in the event of a change of location of your company. Here, too, our specialist staff is on site to dismantle the machines. When the transport arrives at its destination, our team is again at your disposal to assemble the machines. Our employees integrate the new machine into the existing machine park and support you during commissioning.

worldwide SERVICE

A performance package that results in long service lives and high production reliability. As a strong partner, we deliver spare parts quickly and reliably. Many components are available from stock – if necessary, they are manufactured in-house. They are optimally matched to your system and meet the highest standards in terms of quality and functionality. With our spare parts you take no risks and guarantee the long service life of your gearbox. You can also count on us after purchasing and installing your extruder or complete extrusion system in your production environment. The on-site training of the employees is just as naturally part of our services as the competent support in the maintenance of your extrusion solution and the long-term guaranteed supply of spare parts.

Stripping service for extruder screws

Manually stripping the screw from screw elements can be extremely problematic. Leaving it to a service provider with the appropriate technology can be the economical solution. Depending on the plastics and processing parameters being processed, removing the screw or the screw elements for cleaning or repair purposes is a time-consuming undertaking. High temperatures, coked or residual material that has already cooled make dismantling more difficult. If high forces have to be applied, there is a risk of damage, which entails high follow-up costs and longer downtimes. In addition, the safety of the employees is not always guaranteed in this highly physically demanding activity.

We work more professionally with a special hydraulic pulling device. It gently and safely pulls the auger and auger elements up to 210 millimeters in diameter. On request, a detailed status report and an offer for the overhaul can be prepared and the necessary work carried out. Worn cylinder liners are also replaced, cooling channels are cleaned and drilled free.

Cylinder inspection, renewal & maintenance

Have cylinders overhauled and repaired quickly and inexpensively without long downtimes. If you want to stay productive all the time, you have to recognize wear and tear at an early stage. With our wear measurement service, we check the condition of the built-in housing directly on your extruder line. The housings only have to be clean and cooled down, but do not have to be dismantled. This saves you valuable time and maximizes the benefits.

With our inspections you ensure your productivity. You can identify any wear and tear and can procure spare parts at an early stage. This makes repairs easier to plan and calculate.

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